PictureNL (formerly the NLFDC) will hire a consultant for the Producers Accelerator Program. Five production companies from  Newfoundland and Labrador will be selected to receive training designed to achieve strategic and predictable business growth through skill-development, practical hands-on training, exposure to industry intelligence, networking, and mentorship. The program is designed to provide pitching, producing and business skills to prepare producers to participate at market events. PictureNL is the lead for this program with the support of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and will provide the coordinator that will work directly with the consultant throughout the entire contract.

The purpose of the Producer Accelerator Program is to contribute to the longer-term viability of the Newfoundland screen-industry by providing selected participants focused, company-oriented advice over the long term that will improve specific industry skills. Training will be provided through workshops (online and in-person), market consultations, and customized mentorship to take the producers and their projects to the next level.

The Producer Accelerator Program will complement our existing development and matchmaking programs that have operated with great success by addressing the following gaps.

  • PictureNL’s development program provides investment for writing new treatments and scripts for film and television projects. This program is project rather than company based.
  • PictureNL’s international market access and matchmaking programs are designed to take the projects of a given company and connect them with the best potential buyers. The program presumes that any project, company, and individual will be already at a reasonable state of readiness. This program would benefit from companies receiving longer term, focused, company-oriented advice.
  • PictureNL proposes that commencing in October 2023, the selected consultant will assist PictureNL in selecting five NL production companies through an equitable process. Weight will be given to companies at an entry to intermediate level to enhance and refine their skills and marketing materials over approximately 4-6 months.


Application Process

In order to apply, Applicants must complete the application form and provide supporting material by 5:00PM on October 9th 2023. Below you will find the criteria for applications:

  • Must have at least one producer credit on completed productions of the following nature:
    • Television one-off production
    • Television series production
    • Feature film that received financing from a Federal and/or Provincial funding agency
    • Participated in the Picture Start or Michelle Jackson Program
  • Participated in at least one international market or festival event
  • Must have multiple viable projects for international markets

*If you feel you may not meet the criteria and are still interested in participating mission, please contact Industry Development Manager, Jennifer Hawley.

To obtain an application form please contact Industry Development Manager, Jennifer Hawley at [email protected]